Gallery Of Fab Fabrics

Color is Nothing to Fear...Stay BOLD not BEIGE!

Exuberant color, pattern and texture are the defining elements of Patti's designs. Color echoes elegance and is a way for a woman to say I am confident in myself. Pattern is the final touch to any outfit. The combined elements all speak for themselves.

Seeking out the most gorgeous fabrics and embellishments Patti Brooks Designs Palm Beach is an inspired collection created and designed by Patti for today's style-savvy modern contemporary woman.

Pasace Red/Blue

A Versace-inspired stunning pattern with a mix of vibrant colors.  Extraordinary!
100% Poly

Pasace Seafoam/Yellow

A Versace-inspired stunning pattern with a mix of vibrant colors.
100% Poly

Ruth's Red Roses

A bouquet of red roses on a bevy of small multi-colored abstract dots enhanced with a chevron background pattern.  
Add a touch of romance!
100% Poly Semi-sheer

Paris Pink Animal

A lovely soft-tone blend of pinks and tans complimented with a hint of animal. 
So very pretty!
100% Poly

Butterflies For Lisa

A gorgeous multi-colored print with beautiful
100% Poly